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On Saturday I ran a small stall at an art and crafts fair held in Oliver Bird Hall, Solihull. (I would have mentioned it here before had I set up this 'ere Blog section sooner!) Having never had a stall at a fair before I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it was an interesting experience.

Putting your work on display always is, not least because it leaves you open and vulnerable to criticism and ridicule. (At least in your own mind it does. People tend not to be that rude in reality.) Or if you're lucky, exposed to acclaim and congratulatory cheer from kindly admirers!

Thankfully there was no out and out ridicule for me, instead plenty of pleasant remarks and compliments. I sold a couple of prints and received several enquiries from people interested in having portraits of various members of their families painted, including but not limited to, a grandchild, a brother and sister, and an unusual looking dog.

I look forward to getting started on these new commissions and leaving myself vulnerable to their criticism and ridicule or basking in acclaim and cheer!